Started in December 2016, Smisingbee is a passion project by sister duo Simran and MuskanParashar. This home-grown brand curates an exquisite range of handcrafted and uniquely designed women’s clothing and accessories. This contemporary brand aims to transform and up the game for the western fashion market in India. At Smisingbee, we understand that each of the invincible women who wear our clothing are strong, powerful and glorious and they need a fashion brand that defines this through its designs. Keeping up with the global trends, Smisingbee presents a collection of completely new and globally popular silhouettes that women from all walks of life can flaunt.

Excluding the negative externalities of a middleman, Smisingbee initiates a direct dialogue between the maker and the consumer, adding to either party's benefit. When you get in touch with Smisingbee, you are getting in touch with the people who are making your clothes. This also allows us to be flexible and customise these designs for our customers. Sizes, cuts, prints and even all new designs, at Smisingbee it’s possible to get everything made as per your individual taste.

To develop a deeper relationship between the consumer and the product, we labour to educate our consumer about the product, the process involved in making it and the craft associated with it.

Smisingbee is based out of a small town Pushkar in Rajasthan that is famous for its sartorial crafts and talented craftsmen. We believe in providing employment opportunities to the skilled Kaarigars who have been left neglected by the growing trend of mass production. The production and management staff at Smisingbee HQ also comprises of women hailing from all sections of the society. They lovingly and meticulously put each garment together as most of our pieces are made to order.

The story behind Smisingbee is an important tale to tell to discourage our customers from falling for the current trend of Use and Throw. This understanding of the textiles and hand processes not only is of value to the maker but also helps shift the consumer’s ideology to a better and more sustainable alternative. Each of our designs can be styled in multiple ways and one can create both contemporary and boho looks with each one of them.

Another main reason why Smisingbee maintains full transparency is to allow a smooth relationship between the consumer and the maker. This helps us understand your preferences, likes and inclinations, and we then craft a befitting product aligned to your needs and requirements. This symbiosis makes both the maker and the customer beneficiaries; with the former demanding products tailored to their persona and the latter restricting production to what has been ordered.

We believe every curve is beautiful and endeavour to go beyond stereotypes of shape and size. We aim to provide Customization options for women of all sizes. We vouch by the motto of hand process over mass production.

We thus cater to women of absolutely all shapes and sizes as each one is equally beautiful and deserves access to exactly what their heart desires.

This journey of each garment becomes worthwhile when our beautiful customers ‘smile with their eyes’ upon seeing the best version of themselves clad in Smisingbee.